Family Letter November 2019

November reminds us to give thanks for the many wonderful things in our lives.  Please take time, with your family, to give thanks for your own personal list.  You are always invited and encouraged to pray, especially every weekend, for the many gifts in your lives that you are thankful for every day.   There will be Mass on Thanksgiving morning, November 28th, at 8a.m.…please join us!  You are welcome to send back to the office names of your loved ones that have passed away so we can make a school list and pray for them the entire month of November.

Our November Family Mass will be on Saturday, November 16thWe hope to see all of you at our Annual Pasta Dinner on Saturday, November 16th at 6p.m. in the church basement—right after the family Mass. Our very own Fr. Ortega will be the entertainment for the evening! The purpose behind our fundraisers is to help our school remain academically strong.  The cost of tuition at Sacred Heart is significantly less than the cost incurred to educate each student, and raising these funds is one way to off-set the difference—your support is needed and appreciated!  WE NEED HELP WITH ALL OF OUR FUNDRAISERS FROM EVERY FAMILY—EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS SACRED HEART!

The MANDATORY School Christmas Program is on Sunday, December 15th.  Please mark your calendars of this date.  ALL the students are EXPECTED to participate in this joyous event.

Our fourth graders will be in charge of the Annual Canned Food Drive—the food collected will go straight to Thanksgiving Basket Food Drive at the Quinn Center/Little Sisters of the Poor Collection (Kleenex & body wash)-those items will go to a nursing home in the Chicago area. The collection will begin on November 1st.  Your generosity is very much appreciated to help those in need.  It will run until Friday, November 22nd.

Parent Teacher Conferences will be on November 15th.  Please note that there will be an 11:15a.m. dismissal that day. (No after school Extended Day.)  Please bring your child to your assigned conference time so that you, your child, and your child’s teacher all have input on their progress.  We appreciate you being on time for your scheduled conference—IF YOU ARE LATE, YOU WILL HAVE TO RESCHEDULE YOUR CONFERENCE.    

Many thanks went out to Mayor Serpico for his donation to the school for $2500.00. We are using those funds for our electrical upgrades for the air conditioning units. Many thanks to our seven school families that have graciously donated towards our goal. We are still in need of raising $16,000 so please spread the word to anyone who would help us reach our goal financially.

I want to take this time to wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving!  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to continue to serve you and your children here at Sacred Heart School.  I would also like to let our faculty know how grateful and thankful I am for all of the hard work and dedication they give to all of your children.

Awesome News

 Our sixth grade girls’ team took 2nd place, JV girls & our boys’ team took 3rd place!


Each family will receive 20 tickets on Thursday, November 14th. Each ticket is $10—do not lose the tickets-you are responsible for them-no replacements will be given.


Girls may begin to wear uniform pajama pants under their skirts/jumpers or solid navy blue or black- leggings-to the ankle with the colder weather approaching.  Navy blue uniform slacks (NO yoga or form-fitting pants) maybe worn in place of the skirt or jumper.

Blessings to you,
Principal – Barbara Ciconte