Sacred Heart School  –  Organizations

P.T.O. – Parent-Teacher Organization

Please support your child by being active!

The P.T.O. provides services that enhance your child’s education. It gives you a more direct voice in what happens at our school. If you enjoy interacting with the kids, working with other parents, and can accomplish things that truly make a difference – The P.T.O. is the place for you.
We currently have a core of wonderful, hardworking volunteers, but could definitely use more!   

Volunteers are the key to success! Choose a current fundraiser and have fun raising money

 for Sacred Heart School. There are no mistakes to be made – just the satisfaction of helping our school!

Those who volunteer – Care!

  • To offer supplementary educational programs which will inform parents, children and the community; e.g. films, lectures, etc.
  • To provide in-school activities and services which are social in nature; e.g. hot lunches, walk-a-thon, plays, annual picnic, etc.
  • To provide for Parent Meetings during the year.

P.T.O. Board meetings are held monthly on the second Wednesday of each month in the school.

Due are $50.00 per registered  families.

Parents are welcome to attend:

School Advisory Board

The purpose of the Sacred Heart School Advisory Board is to act in an advisory capacity on developing policies of education in the Sacred Heart Parish School. These policies are consistent with the policies of the Archdiocese of Chicago School Board.

Duties of the Sacred Heart School Advisory Board include but are not limited to:

  • Assisting the pastor and principal as the liaison to the public schools’ school board and other governmental bodies.
  •  Making recommendations for planning, operating and maintenance of facilities and equipment.
  •  Advising the pastor on and reviewing items of income and expense in the parish school.
  • Helping to develop and adopt policies to enable the school to reach its goal: To provide and promote an animated atmosphere of academic excellence, mutual respect and love as demonstrated by Christ’s teachings.
  •  Acting as the public relations arm of the school.

The Sacred Heart School Advisory Board meets on the 4th Monday of each month in the rectory. All regular meetings are open to the parishioners and to the parents of children attending Sacred Heart School. Any visitor who wishes to present to the board an issue of concern must request to be placed on the agenda one week before that month’s meeting.

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